Dent Fix Equipment Ultra Ding Massager
Dent Fix Equipment Ultra Ding Massager
Order No. DTF-DF-DM555UDX

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  • Squeeze Puller - allows for a massaging action that helps release the tension in the metal, allowing for a quicker more successful pull
  • The squeezed position holding capabilities allow for a constant pull
  • NEW! T-Puller
  • NEW! Knock down tool with 2 heads (pointed and rounded)
  • Slide Hammer - for a more powerful pull on thicker metals, including steel and aluminum
  • 120V Glue Gun
  • Plastic Scraper Stick
  • 12 Glue Sticks - specially formulated hot glue provides for strong adhesion yet easy removal using the release agent
  • NEW! 24 Different Pulling Nibs - The new and redesigned pulling tabs provide the technician with more choices and nib surfaces for better fitment which improves grip when repairing the many varieties of dings and minor dents from small to large
  • Blow Molded Case
  • Weight (lbs): 9.00
  • Case Quantity: EA